Are you looking to get Married or have a Baptism at St John's?

Starting on August 18th 2018 there will be a "Vestry Hour" from 10am to 11am on  the first and third Saturday of every month in the church . Anyone wanting to get married or be baptised is free to pop along during this time and meet Jacqui and Nicky and can have a chat and get information.


Upcoming Closure of Churchyard 4

The churchyard referred to churchyard four, which is furthest away from the actual church building will soon be full. Once this is the case it will be closed for new plots (reopening and interment of ashes in current plots will still be available. 

This also means the area will become a lawn only area which can be mowed easily by the groundsman. As per the current rules of the churchyard, a copy of which you will have received at the time of burial, no Gardens, borders or ornaments on graves will be permitted. This has been historically ignored but will be enforced.

A six month period will be given for any plants or ornaments which you wish to keep to be removed, after this time they will be disposed of or recycled as appropriate. As the rules state and has always been the case a floral tribute of fresh not artificial flowers can be placed on the base of the plinth of the headstone the main rules for the graveyard are displayed on the notice board in the churchyard and a full copy can be found in the church porch. 

Thank you for your understanding, 

the PCC of the parish church of St John the Baptist Danbury